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Mega Summits & Metaverses

We’re excited to bring the Advertising Infrastructure for the Metaverse to the masses - and we’re on our mission to let everyone know that something truly revolutionary is coming to change the landscape of the Metaverse.

That’s why we’ve visited, presented at, and been a part of the AIBC Mega Summit in Dubai - the largest AI, Blockchain, GameFi & Metaverse Event, exploring cutting edge Blockchain projects, AI Technology, Web3, Crypto, NFTs, and of course, the big topic on everyone’s mind - the Metaverse.

Cros is a decentralized cross-org collaboration platform setting out to trigger the global adoption of the Metaverse by building the Advertising infrastructure that is needed to fuel the exponential growth that will happen through Advertising and Commerce.

Cros was presented at the AIBC Summit to interested peers, investors, and crypto-enthusiasts, with much recognition for the innovations we are bringing about in our products and plans - and the founders of Cros also took the opportunity to connect and network with other geniuses at AIBC, sharing ideas about the Metaverse and the work that we are doing to lead the way ahead, and set the standards across the Metaverse.

“The AIBC Summit in Dubai is an amazing opportunity to introduce Cros to the world. We’ve had some amazing responses to our precedent setting ideas, and we’re even more focussed on bringing these into reality and changing the world for Advertising and NFTs, bringing real utility to the Metaverse. We are very happy about this opportunity to demonstrate the change Cros will bring at such a prestigious event”

Hussein Abdelkarim - Co-Founder, Cros

We are honoured to take part in such an important event for the Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3 - industries that we intend to conquer and play a pivotal part in the future of, allowing Advertisers, Metaverses, and Communities to utilize Cros’ solutions to earn from Advertising on the Metaverse, doing for the new internet what big tech giants did for the old internet. We look forward to taking part in many more events to come, and bringing the news about Cros to everyone.

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