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How Can Decentralized Applications Make the Most Out of Cros?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Let us tell you more about the perks that come with being deployed on the Cros Network.

Running operations across other organizations can be a hurdle. The valuable time and data loss that occurs far outweigh the benefits gained from these heavily centralized operations. As we’ve seen it is for money, operations are also better off decentralized.

Whether you have a decentralized application (dApp) running on the Metaverse or on DeFi, you can call Cros Network home to all your cross-org transactions. dApps will be able to bring in all their business executions on the platform, allowing you to cut out the intermediaries with their high arbitrary fees — and you’ll also protect your data, instead of having to give it up to centralized business execution platforms.

Migrating into Cros is a very simple exercise. You don’t even have to buy the native token — you can transact using fiat currencies will do — however you’re strongly encouraged to buy $CROS since the transaction fees will be a lot cheaper. dApps can also choose to leverage the built-in connectors with Cloud ERPs to integrate with existing processes.

Cros provides dApps with a rich toolset to design cross-org business process models using standards similar to BPMN. These models are translated to smart contracts which make sure that the process is secure and is executed correctly on the blockchain. Saving you time and frustration, our smart contracts check compliance before changing the state of the process, providing a single source of truth to all participants and affording them full traceability.

dApps will also have the power to monitor the process and execute the required steps. While the state of the process model instances are stored on a chain, the workflow routing is also performed by the smart contracts generated from the BPMN.

Be part of the ecosystem

Cros is a democratic ecosystem owned and ruled by its users. Both $CROS and it’s holders fuel the Cros ecosystem, and makes decentralized cross-org collaboration and integration possible. The network selects validators from within its community to verify each transaction on the blockchain, creating a democratic system that is owned by $CROS holders. By holding $CROS you have the right to propose and vote on changes to the network’s upgrades including parameters such as: consensus protocol, staking, and liquidity.

By being part of the Cros ecosystem, dApps can also help elect council members who represent passive stakeholders within Cros’ governance system, which you can learn about through this link.

Grow with Cros

By helping grow the Cros ecosystem, by default, your dApp will grow exponentially. Holding $CROS tokens and taking part in the governance process will help build the network and expand it’s capacity to absorb more projects and add more features. In return, your contributions will help us make your lives easier by reducing block times and expanding our resources to meet the needs of our community.

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