Founder Spotlight - Hussein Abdelkarim

Updated: Mar 16

Today, we are delighted to introduce Hussein Abdelkarim, one of the Co-Founders at Cros, whose vision and expertise has been integral to shaping the project’s direction.

At Cros, we are dedicated to building the infrastructure for the Metaverse, bringing innovation that we believe will revolutionize and set the standard for the way in which the Metaverse will operate. The actualisation of the Metaverse is drawing ever closer, but without the proper infrastructure to support it, life on the Metaverse wouldn’t be as cutting edge as you might imagine - with problems such as data breaches and flawed compliance processes ruling the roost. These are just some of the problems that Cros is solving, and therein lies where Hussein’s wealth of experience in the technology sector is integral to guiding Cros in building the series of important and impactful infrastructure products that we are introducing to the industry.

Hussein is a deeply experienced and highly successful technology veteran - he is the former Founder and CEO of Rocket Internet; the world's largest internet venture builder, with an active portfolio spanning more than 200 companies on six continents, and the Founder of Bussr Technologies; through which he disrupted the $1 Trillion mobility market through services as a payments infrastructure provider. Hussein is passionate about making real and important change through blockchain technology and believes that the realization of the Metaverse will be the next major advancement in technology that will reshape the way in which we live our everyday lives.

With the Metaverse bearing such a hefty potential, it is therefore exceedingly important that the Metaverse has the proper infrastructure to support this weight potential, and Hussein is well positioned and equipped to utilize his almost 20 years of experience in building technology companies from concept to the market leaders to bring the vision of Cros into reality.

Hussein is known for his strong leadership skills and his drive to take a concept and build it to be a pioneer at the forefront of its industry. Hussein has been a pivotal component to the building of Cros, and setting out the structure and mission plan that is on a trajectory for unprecedented success. Hussein has led the Cros team to form numerous strong partnerships with various key stakeholders and big name players within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, who have all shown unprecedented interest in Cros and the technology that we are building to support the Metaverse.

“The expectations for the Metaverse are big - and I strongly believe that the realization of the Metaverse will far surpass these already large expectations. The scope of the Metaverse is all encompassing - it will enhance many aspects of the way we go about our everyday life. The Metaverse will therefore need the proper infrastructure to support this scope, and we are very proud and excited to be building this and setting the market standards through our series of innovative and intuitive products”— Hussein Abdelkarim

We at Cros are excited to build the infrastructure for the Metaverse, and Hussein’s guidance and contributions to the direction of Cros will set to make the exploration of the new worlds of the Metaverse a roaring success, as Hussein's track record in the technology sector well proves.