Founder Spotlight – Ajay Bhandari

Updated: Mar 22

Today we are focusing the spotlight on Ajay Bhandari, co-founder at Cros, a tech strategist and architect whose wealth of expertise in building scalable, resilient and high-performing platforms and solutions will be critical in the building of Cros.

Cros is an initiative built to support a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web - a cross-org collaboration platform connecting Metaverses with Advertisers in an intuitive and automated way, standardizing advertising and commerce across the Metaverse through ground-breaking infrastructure products built to support Advertising on the Metaverse.

As the Metaverses dawns upon us, Cros is dedicated to building a suitable infrastructure with focus on security and functionality. As Metaverse takes shape, it faces challenges such as the lack of the proper infrastructure to deliver a cutting-edge experience, flawed compliance process, data breaches – you name it. This is what Cros aims to overcome under the strategic leadership of Ajay.

With nearly 20 years of global experience in consulting, design, development, and deployment of cloud-scale solutions and international products, Ajay has a knack for solving complex technology problems and scenarios, skills proved from his time as Chief Architect for the tech giants Google and Microsoft.

Ajay brings his expertise on cutting-edge tech in AI, machine learning, IoT, cloud-scale distributed services, helping us stay ahead of the technology curve, and design and build resilient and high-performance infrastructure applications and services. He has a keen sense of identifying technical risks, and his vision and expertise will help to set the standards for what Advertising on the Metaverse looks like.

“The realization of the Metaverse will change the way we interact with the world and the people in it. Advertising will play an enormous role on the Metaverse, as it does in everyday life - but the Metaverse needs the proper Advertising Infrastructure to support the adoption that will come to it. The products that we are building will serve as the Advertising Infrastructure for the Metaverse and setting the standards for Advertising across all Metaverses” — Ajay Bhandari

We at Cros are excited to change the landscape of the Metaverse through our products, and Ajay’s nearly 20 years of global experience and passion for solving complex problems with ground-breaking technology will be key in building the Advertising Infrastructure products that will do this.