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Cros: Giving Advertising an Upgrade

The Metaverse will be full of amazing worlds filled with amazing things that will enhance our everyday - places where we can socialize, work, play games, go shopping, and live our lives; so it’s only natural that commerce will be a huge force across the Metaverse, and Advertising comes hand in hand with it. It's set to grow into a trillion dollar plus industry - attracting businesses and Advertisers to make their homes on the Metaverse.

But for these businesses and Advertisers to really find their place and make their mark on the Metaverse, they will need an innovative and revolutionary cross-org platform and the proper Advertising infrastructure to support their activities on the Metaverse - and this is the Cros solution.

Using the Cros platform, Advertisers could easily connect with popular Metaverses like Decentraland and Sandbox, displaying their Ads to the people inhabiting and interacting with these worlds - a new way of reaching customers in a medium that would allow them to instantly interact with the Ads and the products that are being advertised.

These Metaverses have huge audiences and communities - with Decentraland having a reported 18,000 daily users and a monthly active user base of about 300,000 people, and Sandbox reportedly having similar numbers with over 2 million registered users and a daily user base of around 15,000 users - which goes to show the scale of this huge marketing opportunity that brands and Advertisers are looking to capitalize on.

The inhabitants of Metaverses can earn from this Advertising revenue using Cros too - by owning Advertising assets that are linked to receive Ads that they can display in the worlds of the Metaverse, providing them with passive income in the form of Advertising revenue from Ad placements on their assets.

The power of the Metaverse will be great - and with great power, comes the great responsibility to ensure that the Metaverse has the Advertising infrastructure that it needs to bring the Metaverse to the masses. This is the responsibility that Cros has taken on - ensuring that the worlds of the Metaverse have a bright future - and one in which everyone can earn from the power of Advertising.

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