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Advertising on Metaverses like Decentraland With Cros

So, you plan to take your advertising strategy to an all-new level and are wondering if it is worth dabbling in Decentraland? Although Decentraland is still in its embryonic stage, it is already making the headlines, and for the right reasons. Purchasing a plot in Decentraland’s Fashion District is equivalent to buying a plot on Fifth Avenue in NYC way back then - and that shows in that a company recently purchased a few plots of virtual land in Decentraland’s Fashion District for $2.4 million. Decentraland will host fashion weeks and various other events, all inside their Metaverse. And this is one such example in which Cros can help elevate these events to the next level, bringing advertising opportunities and advertising revenue.

Here’s what Cros is bringing to Metaverses like Decentraland

With Cros, brands will be able to promote their events, products, and services by advertising in high-traffic land parcels on billboards - which of course, many companies have already done in the “real world” - so it’s therefore only natural that this translates into the Metaverse too. Just think of the opportunities that come to brands by being able to advertise in this brand new world!

Similar to real-world product placements, utilising Cros, brands will be able promote their product by delivering fit-for-audience experiences in Metaverses like Decentraland. For instance, you can showcase your apparel in the Decentraland fashion district, or in other events across in the metaverse. Brands are entering this space in a big way - notably, Gucci recently launched a Gucci-themed world in the Metaverse, allowing players to enter the world and buy in-game content. As a result, one player ended up spending more than $4,000 to buy a virtual Gucci handbag.

By owning the non fungible assets that Cros will introduce, such as billboards, wearables and more, asset holders can benefit from a means of revenue; advertising. There are endless opportunities on the Metaverse - and we’re excited to be able to facilitate these through the Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform.

The Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform

Considering the ever-growing popularity of Metaverses like Decentraland, there is a need for a Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform that will allow brands to advertise their products and services, and events on popular Metaverses, whilst also benefiting the economies and stakeholders of these Metaverses. This is where Cros comes to the picture. The cross-organizational tamper-proof infrastructure that we are building will connect different metaverses with advertisers, and bring new revenue to the inhabitants of the Metaverse.

Cros’ Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform will automatize the entire advertising process and pave the way for endless opportunities through the streamlined ad bidding process within an ultra secure platform, bringing in a new age of advertising and setting the standards for the Metaverse.

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