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Advance into the Metaverse with Cros

The Metaverse train is building up speed - and the need for the proper solutions to allow entry into this market and trigger global adoption is ever growing. This is why we started out on our mission to connect Metaverses, NFTs, and DeFi, placing all data into our secure ecosystem.

We have a focus on redefining ownership, trust, and control by facilitating business process execution - and our first two products will pave the way to do this. Let’s refresh you on the first two products that we will be integrating this year: The Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform and the P2E Marketplace.

The Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform

The Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform which will take the shape of a decentralised application (dApp), will be driven by a collection of smart contracts to connect publishers on the Metaverse, like Google Ads - providing a world of new opportunities to advertise on the Metaverse. Here’s an example of how it works - we would host an Ad Bidding Event before a virtual event in the Metaverse. The virtual event can be anything - a game, a music concert, a fashion show, or any other event with virtual participants.

These Ad Bidding Events would be confined to a small number of NFTs, specific to the virtual events being hosted. Sponsors and bidders will contest virtual assets associated with the virtual event, such as billboards, wearables, and freebies. As a result, we confine the supply of such assets geographically and temporally to the event on the Metaverse.

Virtual events and companies may thereby target the selling and acquisition of collectibles through the exchange of NFTs in the Metaverse via the Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform. The platform ensures each link in the company value chain that its business operations are accurate, efficient, and at a minimal cost.

The P2E Marketplace

In addition to the Metaverse Ad Bidding Platform, we will also introduce the P2E Marketplace. It’s no secret that NFT popularity has skyrocketed - and the entry point for some popular games and platforms using NFTs is no longer achievable for many users. This is where our second product - the P2E Marketplace - comes in to provide a lending and renting marketplace of in-game assets NFTs.

Using the P2E Marketplace, users can rent NFT’s for various NFT based games for the time they need to use one instead of buying. This brings new opportunities to users who may otherwise not be able to access these by eliminating the barrier of requiring them to purchase an NFT for the market price, and allowing them to simply rent the asset instead.

The P2E Marketplace also brings new opportunities to the owners of these assets; the ability to earn in a new way, by renting them to other players who use the NFT to generate money from P2E gaming. This also helps to eliminate the risk of abuse in NFT marketplaces by large sharks prowling the Metaverse. Instead, users are empowered by a robust set of tools that won't break the bank and, more crucially, won't force them to give up critical data and resources.

This is just the beginning, and these are just the first two of the products that we will be bringing to the market to elevate the P2E ecosystem and connect the worlds of the Metaverse. We are excited and proud to welcome the Cros Community into the future of the Metaverse with the ground-breaking infrastructure products that we are building and integrating this year.

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